ScribusGenerator with non-Tkinter GUI for Mac

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I made a GUI version of ScribusGenerator that works on a Mac. It's a mod of the Python3 branch. Though I named the script "" I tested and it also works on Windows and Linux too, because I replaced the Tkinter GUI with a series of Scribus Plugin API dialog boxes. Only tested with Scribus 1.6.1 and 1.7.0svn. I submitted a PR but if you want it now you can grab it from my GitHub repo

I don't actually know how to code Python but I muddled my way through it, so I don't know if it's written "correctly" but it works. I got tired of using the CLI version of the script on Mac and was frustrated that I couldn't get Scribus to use Tkinter even though I have it installed and working on my Mac it can't find it to use it because I installed it through Homebrew, and even when I tried to symlink to where Scribus is looking (which is the location the Python Org installer puts it) I got version conflicts, so I gave up trying to get the Tkinter script to work and just rewrote it to use the API dialogs instead.


The PR was accepted and ScribusGeneratorMac has been merged into the main project and released as v4.0.  Read the Documentation.

Download Here: