WTF is the "Never should be shown" list in Preferences -> Fonts?

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I first used Scribus in 2022 and had a seamless experience, but now I have very limited control over fonts.

Scribus recognizes every font on my system (Linux Mint 21), but it puts many of them on a list at the very right-hand side of the font preferences dialog, entitled "Never should be shown" and they don't show up in the regular font list.

There are no pages in the help files nor on the fora containing the string "Never should be shown". Google searches for "Scribus intext:never should be shown" return 0 results.


Scribus randomly decides to avoid fonts, AND it's a secret?

1. Why are some fonts restricted?

2. Why is there no access to the list of banned fonts?

3. Why has nobody mentioned this?

4. Am I the stupidest person in the world and is this just a pebkac error?

Please tell me how to control which fonts Scribus uses.

Thanks in advance,



don't help, but my install seems to just ignore the Never Show list


Hi, @PatJr.

Thanks for the response - I'll try reinstalling, but are you certain that some sub-fonts in some families are not precluded from the list?

For example: I have Noto Sans installed and about 7 of the 18 or so variants are available, but not the ones on the list.


Well, the fonts work fine in GIMP etc. and they are recognized by Scribus (and displayed correctly in the "Never should be shown" list, so that suggests there's nothing wrong with the fonts in Linux?

But, thanks for the suggestion.


I found the solution!

I stop using Scribus - the icon size is embarrassingly small on my 4k+ monitor anyway :-).

Thanks for your help,



Hi e
scribus is defiantly not for everyone or solution
please do post back what you find better and your experiences with it


The title of that column is "Rejected Fonts" and the list gives error messages. I suspect you are using Scribus in another interface language and we can get a better translation for that data.