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Hi, I recently made a flyer with LibreOffice and became curious about how it might work with Scribus. I installed Scribus 1.5.8 in Linux LMDE 6 Cinnamon. I also bought the book "Scribus 1.5 compact" as PDF and did the first exercise - cover of the book - with it.

That actually went quite well, but some mistakes irritated me. I was supposed to set the margins and bleeds to 0. But the screenshot in the book didn't show the red line all the way to the outside like in my sheet. Then a few dimensions were incorrect (5mm too little), so there were shifts. Well, at least it had a learning effect.
Finally I should click on F2 in the text field, as before for the placement of the spine. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in these properties to format the text. At some point I realized that I have to use F3 for a text field. The tutorial probably still refers to an earlier version, although I have 1.5(.8) - as in the book title.

I find it "suboptimal" that the properties windows lie loosely above the main window. I was already put off by this in Gimp before there was finally an option for a single window where the palettes are permanently docked.

Is there an option for Scribus - perhaps through a plugin - to permanently dock the loose windows?

Preliminary conclusion: I will first work my way in step by step and then see whether it actually offers advantages over LibreOffice for certain purposes. Because I'm open to new things.


Oh - is it not possible to edit my first post?

I'd like to add that I've since figured out how to dock the properties windows. I just had to drag them to the right and drop them in the sidebar that opens automatically.

That's already solved and encouraging to continue!

btw: is it always to have to do the captcha procedure, or only for me as a beginner?


yea, I think the captcha is for the first 10 post or something like that, the forum does get hit with a lot of spam posts