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I'm preparing files for a board game for print and I have a bit of an issue. The printer wants me to set all 100% black objects in our card-files to overprint. This means going over hundreds of grouped imported svgs finding them and setting overprint in the colour management.

Is there any way to change all objects that uses the black colour to overprint automatically without finding them and changing the setting individually?

If not is there any way to step through the properties for all objects in a file?

If not is there any way to pre-flight check the colours so I've managed to click on them all?

Thanks in advance


Something like Illustrator Select Same (stroke, fill color) tool would do the job.


Well you'd want to search for all PAGEOBJECTs with PCOLOR="Black" (or your colour you used for black), and add or ensure doOverprint="1".

<PAGEOBJECT XPOS="214.243902439024" YPOS="115.90243902439" OwnPage="0" ItemID="633813806" PTYPE="6" WIDTH="263.414634146341" HEIGHT="216.878048780488" FRTYPE="0" CLIPEDIT="0" PWIDTH="1" PCOLOR="Black" PLINEART="1" path="M0 0 L263.415 0 L263.415 216.878 L0 216.878 L0 0 Z" copath="M0 0 L263.415 0 L263.415 216.878 L0 216.878 L0 0 Z" doOverprint="1" gXpos="214.243902439024" gYpos="115.90243902439" gWidth="0" gHeight="0" LAYER="0"/>


That's what I figured I needed to do. I was just hoping for a simpler solution. Will post a script later if there is interest.


Just use sed, although this has limitations on just replacing all fill colours in the entire SLA file.. but, you may have used something different.. but anyway

First backup your sla file.
For the one you want to edit, assuming you want to replace all entries with overprint, a command like:
sed -i 's/\ PCOLOR=\"Black\"\ /\ PCOLOR=\"Black\"\ doOverprint=\"1\"/g' filename.sla
might work. I hope I got all the backslashes correct.