Why are all images and attachments in this forum deleted?

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Especially in the Showcase, it seems very counter-productive to delete things there... that's the whole point of the subforum is to showcase your work.:(  Am I the only one who can't see 90%+ of the images and attachments on this forum? Most of them say 'deleted by admin' or something to that effect.


No idea..

@a.l.e this one is weird, but there are plenty of posts with images. Any ideas?


well, not all images and attachments are deleted:

https://forums.scribus.net/index.php/topic,5083.msg23251.html#msg23251 ...

but, if i recall correctly, some time ago, there was an issue with the disk space and one of jean or you went through many (all?) older posts and removed the attachments.


I see... well, perhaps the Showcase subforum can be spared from this scrubbing in the future? There doesn't exist a single example of work in it that I can find.  :(


No that's not it. I've never gone and removed images for that reason, only spam stuff. Why these are not showing or missing is unknown at this point


I took a look and it seems many of the images there are not stored on the forum, but linked from external sites (you can see this if you try to quote the post).

But there is at least one "[attachment deleted by admin]".

Pictures for example work in this post