Make gradients easier to manipulate

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In Scribus 1.6.1 you must be very exact when using the gradient slider to select the small triangle and then to move it. If you accidentally slide your mouse off the arrow the gradient node will be deleted. This is very frustrating, and incredibly common as it is very difficult to move a mouse in a very straight line. I would suggest doing two things:

1) Adding a thin vertical line above the triangle that can also be "grabbed". Grabbing this line would not allow you to remove the gradient node. Only grabbing the node and pulling it up or down would allow it to be removed.

2) Increasing the "clickable area" of the node (and line from suggestion 1) so that it is not so tied to the actual (tiny) size of the node. This makes it a lot easier to select the node/makes it more accessible to those who have difficulty clicking on very small areas.

"Gradient.JPG" shows the current setup.
"Gradient+.JPG" shows the addition of the line, and the highlighted area shows the increased size of the "clickable area" (which would not actually be visible, it's just highlighted in the image).


This is how it looks like in Scribus 1.7.0 svn.