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I have a document with spreads (ie; facing pages) where an image spans both the left and right pages in the spread. Scribus doesn't allow me to export to PDF with facing pages, so I need to export as single pages and use an external tool for this. Unfortunately the output results in a white line splitting the image in the spreads. Looking closely at the single pages output by Scribus, the left facing pages have a single pixel width white line down the right side. This is what I'm seeing when the pages are merged to spreads. How can I get rid of this white line so that the content on the page goes fully to the edge?


can you make a sample sla file and post it up?


After some more investigation, it appears that this is happening when attempting to imposition pages as spreads. It's a crying shame that Scribus can't do this, because there don't seem to be an reasonable open source solutions to do it afterwards. As more and more PDFs are for online consumption rather than physical printing, I think the arguments for this not being in Scribus become weaker.


There are dozens of solutions for impositioning PDFs.,_PostScript_and_Imposition_tools

I've wanted to update my impositioning scripts to work with PDFs, but I have not found a drop in PDF replacement for pstops (but I have to confess it's been ages since I looked into it and I don't remember what the issues were).