[SOLVED] How to move text start point along a path?

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Hi, I have some text around a polygon, using 'attach text to path'. The polygon is basically a frame near margin of Page, on a book cover. At the moment the default start point of text is at top left of the said box. But I need it to move over to the top right corner.

Any tricks to accomplish this? I would expect there to bi an anchor handle that can bi dragged around the path/shape.

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Ok, a quick work round, that achieves the result that I need in this case, I rotated the polygon 'box' by 270 deg, which made it long, and then resized it by clicking shape edit and shift-dragging corners to become tall to fill the page margin.

But this is not a work around for any unusual shapes that can't bi rotated,  obviously.

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Oops, meant ctrl-drag. Anyway I noticed that when editing the polygon shape after text to path, it is now a line with start end points. So the better question should be, how would one move the start point of a polygon shape?
As when you draw a polygon box the start is always top left it seems??


sounds interesting
could you post up a sample sla file with some examples?


On the Text Properties window, go to the Path Text Properties, and change the "Start Offset" value to move the text along the frame.


@MrB, great idea! I just found that out today as well!