Scribus 1.4X crashes in windows when saving

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Everytime I want to save a scribus-document, the program freezes. I have to end the program manually via windows.

I use scribus 1.40 on windows home premium.

Naturally, I find this very frustrating: there is no use in making stuff if I can't save it. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks in advance!


it specifically seems to happen whenever I do something with setting text styles. Also, sometimes 'save' doesn't work but 'save as' does.


Well, I have found an idiotic work-around:

1. Avoid using the f3-window, only edit text from within the document
2. Save the document after each and every edit you make.

Obviously, this is plain silly and not how any professional piece of software should work.

I would really like some advice on this rather deadly glitch.