Compression method of pictures

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Just right now, at export PDF, there is to choose


This seting has a extreme influence on the size of the generated PDF
All tested set to 200 dpi.

Auto - high -------- 57332 kb
Auto - medium ---- 56851 kb
jpg - high ---------- 10118 kb
jpg - medium ------  8378 kb

So I can make the PDF version for distribution only with JPG compression
This is not optimal for graphics.

I think the methods for "automatic" should be worked over.
All what's imported from a PNG should be compressed looseles.
All what's imported as a JPG should be compressed loosey.

Sometime's, it happens that a PNG graphic shrinked to a smaller size has more  kb than the original.

So the decision should be:

Shrink graphic to dpi
Compare size with original
Use original graphic if size is smaller or equal
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I guess the major question here is: What image compressions are allowed in a PDF?

I guess this page gives a hint on what formats are possible to use.

Scribus main target is printing, when printing the print quality is more important than file size, that's probably why the automatic setting gives big files.