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I have a double column sla file. But article title need to be spanned across two column. Now i am creating a separate frame across two columns and cut and paste the article title into that text frame. instead of that is there any possibility to span the Article title across two column through paragraph style?



personally, for such cases i like to:

- create a typographic grid (page > manage guides > column/row),
- activate the snapping to guides,
- use shift click to create frames that fill the "cells",
- and finally resize the frames to fit one, two, or more cells.


i attach a trivial .sla and .pdf that show how it looks like


Thanks, at present i also done as per in my first mail in a separate text frame.

when i checking your sla file, i got another doubt. if you dont mind please clarify me.

there are three text frames in your sla file.

Frame: Text1 containts Title as a separate text (when i see in story editor)
Frame: Text2 and Text3 contains same body matter flow from one frame to another frame.

my question is, why dont we use same text frame on all three text frames i.e. across two column frames and single column frames? in order to maintain the text as single stream. if it is possible it would be helpful to maintain the text inside and outside scribus conveniently.




personally, when i load the text from an external source, i mostly use as target the first frame with the body text.

then cut and paste the parts that belong in separate frames (title, subtitle, boxes) to the respective frames.

of course, one can also put everything in one single chain of frames and use the frame breaks to keep them in place.

i can't explain the exact reason why i prefer to do it this way, but it might be related to the fact that titles and subtitles often need to be resized (with newlines or even shortened) to fit in the available space and i don't want the whole text to move around while i do that.

all this, if in your last sentence you were speaking about one single chain not a single frame.

if the question is indeed about using a single frame, in this specific case, scribus does not allow different column layouts in the same frame (nor complex columns layouts) and, personally, i prefer to keep the flexibility of having multiple frames that can easily be aligned with the images.


Same here.
Тhat is the way I was doing newspaper layout design 30 years ago & there's no reason to change it today.