Whole page is blocked (my first step in Scribus)

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Good morning.
I'm a complete beginner. I've made my first page. I tried to protect all frames from changes (using the padlock icon). Suddenly, the whole page was blocked. I can't select anything on the page. The left mouse button does nothing, the right one brings up a general context menu, no matter where I click.
What should I do?
I attach the file.
Thank you in advance for your answer.


... the file seems to be broken...

indeed i can't click on the items and trying to edit the master page hangs scribus. 

let's see if @jghali can find out the issue...


you turned it into a master page, I was able to go to master page "normalna prawa" and then edit the page


it's locked on the master page which is why you cannot edit it AFAIK


Thank you very much for your answer.

I do that:
    Edycja > Strony wzrorcowe
    (Edit > Master Pages?)
    Okna > Rozmieść strony
    (Windows > Arrange Pages?)

The "Zarządzanie stronami wzorcowymi" ("Manage Master Pages"?) window pops up and the page is editable. But after saving and reopening it is blocked again...



Quote from: vonmae_be on March 12, 2024, 04:38:17 PMNeues Layout

Thank you, vonmae_be.
I've downloaded your file sue_01.sla, but I don't know enough to understand how to solve my problem with it...