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Hi, can somebody tell me the difference between "Align Text Left/Right" and "Left/Right to right/left paragraph" under Text Properties in Scribus 1.6.1?



from the help file;

Right-to-Left Capability
A fantastic and long-awaited capability is found in the two buttons to the left of the justification set. On the left is Left to Right direction of character placement, as in most Latin languages, and adjacent to it, Right to Left direction for languages using that arrangement, such as Arabic or Hebrew, among others. What you will see is that what happens is language-specific. For languages that use them, ligatures will also be applied.
At this point it should be mentioned that when you are in Select Item mode, any changes will apply to the entire frame contents. In Edit Contents mode, things are a bit more complex.
  • If your cursor is at some particular position, changes in font, fontface, and size apply to the single glyph to the right of the cursor.
  • If your cursor is highlighting a block of text, changes in font, fontface, and size apply to the highlighted glyphs.
  • Changes in linespacing and justification apply to the paragraph in which the cursor is located or in the paragraph(s) where words are highlighted. Note that with automatic linespacing, this is adjusted line-by-line in situations where font size varies from word-to-word or letter-by-letter in the same paragraph. In most cases, you will find that fixed linespacing produces a more attractive result when font size is variable within a paragraph.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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