Import scribus module for python script in vs code

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Hello everyone,

here's my problem: I'm making a calendar design with Scribus (version 1.6.1) by putting empty text fields that just have a property name. For example, an empty text field with the property name "year".
I'm writing a python code to modify these text fields. It will automatically fill these fields with the right dates for each day, depending on the year.
My configuration: I'm using a macOS M1 laptop, the text editor 'Visual Studio Code and I have a virtual environment and python 3.11.

How do I import the Scribus module? I can't install it.   At the moment, I'm getting an error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'scribus'.

Thanks for your help.

See you soon,


you cannot run python script outside of scribus.

for a start, please use "Script > Execute Script" in the scribus menus...


Ok thanks for that clarification. I understand better