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I am in scribus 1.6.1. win11.
  I don't know if it's my version that is installed incorrectly or if something is missing
but I created a master page template. When I go into edit mode and add pages with the chosen template, the text or image blocks are not accessible to enter elements? This is nonsense. Where is the time saved by making a master page template and having to retrace the frames to enter text or images?
I may be missing something, a setting or something else.


yep, that's because common items tend to have far more exceptions, than what you expect when carefully set up the "templates" before starting the layout.

in scribus, master pages are some sort of background for the pages.

use them for:

- guides
- page numbers
- whatever is *exactly* the same on *every* page based on that master page

if you want to get some help, for creating "similar" items on your pages you can use:

- styles
- the scrapbook and symbols
- text variables

mix them at your liking and you will be able to create your document in a "positive" way (and never ask yourself: how can i remove the image borders but only on this specific page?)


The key to use scrapbook items for "page templates" is:

1. Design a page with the desired layout.
2. Select everything on the page and "Send to scrapbook"
3. When you want to create a page with that design, go to that page and double click the scrapbook entry. The contents is the inserted onto the page in the same position as it was when you sent it to the scrapbook.


Complete newb here. I think I'm trying to do something similar (using 1.6.1 on Win 10).

I want to create a fairly simple report. I set up a master page with two text frames, where I want to include on (probably) every page one column of main text, and a pull-out quote or similar next to it. I also successfully created a footer with page numbers.

But when I exit the master page and go to page 1 of the document, I can't click in or access the text frames, as far as I can see, to add the text for each document page.

Unless there's some way to do this I haven't found, I now assume my approach was incorrect and perhaps I should have just set up guides for the two constant text areas in the MP, into which I have to place text frames on every document page in the right place according to the guides. Is this right? Or should I create page 1 of my document iteself, and then use the scrapbook to replicte constant elments on subsequent pages, or similar?

Thanks in advance for any pointers to get me going!



As mentioned earlier, Master pages in Scribus are just "page backgrounds". They are not "page templates".