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Hi everyone,

Newbie with an issue here. I'm trying to apply 3mm bleed to my document - have done so in Doc Setup, Preferences and Pre-Press - but when I export to PDF, everything outside the bleed marks is a white margin. I've been googling and I can't figure out the problem - I don't have 'Clip to printer margins' selected or anything. I'd be very grateful if someone could help - supposed to be delivering the document to a printer tomorrow!



The bleed marks indicate the edge of the bleed, the bleed is the area between the trim marks and the bleed marks. The trim marks is where the page is supposed to be cut (trimmed).

And if you really mean the trim marks and not the bleed marks, there is a tickbox to somewhere in the export dialog that will not export data outside the trim marks (I use it when exporting PDF for on screen viewing).


Many thanks Nermander! You're right - I was confusing bleed marks with crop marks. Sorted now. :)