[SOLVED] Feature request: Relink missing images

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Finn Krogvig

Hello Scribus developers!

I am new to Scribus so maybe this has been addressed earlier: the need to be able to an (semi-) automatic relinking of missing images.

I am an retired film editor used to handle a large amount of video files that may live in different locations on several harddrives. When one have been forced to move a folder containing videoclips or one have lost the links to files in the project - all editing app have a way to point the app to the right folder where the files are for relinking. When the app finds one file it automatically relinks all missing files within that same folder. There is also a search function to find a missing file across all folders on a drive or folders beneath a specific folder.

Why do I promote this feature? Well, when I did open a Scribus project saved earlier all images was missing - all 55 images. Note: I did not touch any file structure after saving the project last. The last thing I did before closing the project was to export a PDF. So this must be a serious bug in Scribus. Luckily I was able to manually replace the missing images since Scribus kept the file names intact.



since you don't mention it in your post: have you tried the Search button in Extra > Manage Images?

I could not really test it (too lazy to setup a project with 50 missing images....), but it might do what you're looking for.


Use collect for output, it will place a copy of  the images into a directory you create.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
Advanced hobbyist


i have tested it:

- create a document with two frames linked "image-1.jpeg" and "image-2.jpeg".
- move the two images to a different folder and you get a big nice red cross on each image frame.
- Extras > Manage images.
- click on one of the missing images.
- "Search"
- pick the new folder (or a parent of it) in "Start at"
- when it shows the found image, check "Apply to all matching images" and push the "Select" button.

it's not "automatically search for missing images on the whole disk", but -- if i understood you correctly -- it should allow you to easily solve your issue.

Finn Krogvig


That does work for me (too).

Since I am really new to Scribus I did not think of "Extras > Manage images" as a place to "relink" missing files. My bad. 


no need to feel bad.

the feature is really well hidden!