Adjust minicalendar size in Monthly calendar

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I'm trying to make at calendar A4, landscape with minicalendars.

Settings are: offset from top ->100, offset from left -> 450, Show mini calendars

But the mini calendars turns in to micro calendars, i can use maximum 5 i font size, so i need a magnifier to read the dates.

I can adjust the cells, by selecting each individual cell -> row/collumn, but there must be an easier way to do it.

Does anyone know?


are you using the script that come with scribus?
can you post up a sample file?


I tried it yesterday with the script that comes with scribus. Made the calendar then edited the styles. The thing that gave me the biggest problem was fiddling with the line spacing, the default 15pt was not working with smaller fonts. Then having the weekday on a master page was kinda a curve ball for me.