Debian Still on 1.5.8

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The Debian Linux distribution is still offering version 1.5.8. Even their "sid" development version has this. Can I file a bug report or something with them to get them to package 1.6x? If I go to to their standard bug reporting tool it offers a way to post a bug against their 1.5.8 version, but I'm looking for a way to let them know I want 1.6.1.

Any suggestions?


From the Scribus page @ Debian

it seems that the maintainer is active and Debian knows that Scribus 1.6.1 is out.

I can guess what could be the reasons are for the delay, but it might as simple as him being busy with life and since

a. 1.5.8 is not much different from 1.6.1,
b. he had to struggle for years to keep Scribus in Debian while Scribus was not releasing for many yaers,

upgrading to 1.6.0 is not one of his main priorities.

I guess that, for now, there is not much you can do... except becoming a Debian developer : - )


1.6.1 was released less than a month ago, I think it is fully understandable that it is not yet included in Debian.