South East Asian languages?

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Somewhat belatedly, I've discovered that Scribus has no support for Thai. Of course, I should have checked it out but I just assumed that South East Asian languages were supported. Never mind, I'm now looking for a work around. I thought that converting the Thai to a image might be one way to go, though this would lose all the text formatting functionality. I'm certainly reluctant to move out of the open source community.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated  :)


I've had a look at the Scribus Thai Patch

I'm not sure exactly what it does, lol. I've not been able to download it either.

Has anybody used this stuff? 


hi mamboze,

i don't think that anybody in the scribus community knows about that patch...

you're welcome to install it and test if it works enough for you (we can certainly help you to get it installed... but people on ubuntu channels may know more about it then us!).

on top of it, you could also try to tell us what scribus 1.4 is missing for supporting the thai language... afaik, nobody in the community can read it...



Thanks for your help.

The background to my post is that I'm developing a brochure for an English school in Thailand. The text is in both English and Thai. I did a prototype in English but when I came to type in Thai in the Story Editor, after changing to the Thai keyboard, nothing appeared there and the cursor did not move. 

I can't read or write Thai either, my Thai colleague does that. But at the moment, we're stuck at the point of not being able to enter Thai text.

Regarding the Thai patch, after following the download instructions and doing a sudo apt-get update in the terminal, I got the following message

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

W: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found

I guess I should take this up with the developers, I mentioned it here in the hope that somebody might be familiar with it, nevermind, no problem.

I checked that my Thai keyboard setting in ubuntu 11.10 was actually working with LibreOffice. It is, the Thai is displayed OK. There is also the issue of fonts. LibreOffice displays the various Thai fonts we've loaded well. If Scribus had this functionality, we would, both of us, be very contented users. Rest assured, we are pretty impressed by it, we just need this Thai functionality if it's possible  ;D