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When asking questions in these forums you might want to share files to better explain your goals... or you will be kindly asked to share them.

This is short tutorial about how you can share your files with the other forums' users.

Attaching files to your post

When creating a new topic you will see this at the bottom of the writing area:


... And pick the file you want to upload.

You can also attach files to your replies, but you need to take care to click on the (red) "Reply" button, instead of the "Quick Reply" button just below the previous post.
(If you have already started writing a Quick Reply, you can select all, copy the content you have already written and paste it into a "real" reply.)

The forums allows you to upload
  • many types of image files,
  • .sla files,
  • doc and odt (but currently not docx) and
  • zip files.

If you want to share an unsupported type of file you can:

  • zip it or
  • upload to a sharing service (see the section below about sharing big files)

Inserting attached images in your post

You can insert in the post the images that you have previously attached to it.

You just need to find the small "triangle up" icon above the attachment and click on it:


Finally, click on the "Insert" button that will popup (and will be a bit mixed up with the background)

Sharing bigger files (or of unsupported types)

If you want to share bigger files, you should upload them "somewhere" and provide the link.

Typically, you can use:

  • The online space provided by big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Dropbox, ... (It's very likely that you have access to one of them)
  • Upload it to your web space you control
  • Use a free sharing tool (suggestions for links are welcome!)

Please, make sure that the uploaded file can be read, without the people helping you, having the need to to register and login.

Sharing files that you want to keep "private"

Sometimes, you might prefer not to provide your files to be downloaded by the whole internet.

In this case, you can

  • use one of the tools suggested in the section above about sharing bigger files
  • and send offer to send the link as a private message to people that are willing to help you

Contribution to this topic

This topic is a work in progress.

If you want to improve it, just write a reply to it and we will try to integrate it in this small tutorial.