Monthly-Calendar-Script, small date numbers

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I installed Scribus and began working with the Monthly-calendar-script-for-Scribus which I got at

I love that it automatically generates multiple monthly calendars. The multiple pages option is an improvement over Inkscape, for this project.

I want to make a calendar which has small numbers and leaves more room for me to add the events which will be happening that day. Maybe 3-4 different events will be running Mon-Weds or Mon-Fri, with different events on the weekends.

So far, this calendar seems to make a more "hang on the wall, each month with basic holidays and a nice image" type calendar. I chose to generate the calendars with no image.

How can I make the day numbers smaller. I don't see that in the menu options. I select font, but not font size.

If the above is not possible, I could manually change the number size, but since I'm new to Scribus, I'm having difficulty doing that. I deleted the "1" in day 1. I added a text box, I found the Properties menu box, but I can't get rid of the surrounding box. Anyway, this would get very tedious to do for 6 months.

The built-in Scripts / Calendar Wizard seems to give good results. How do I create a version with no image, and with that space filled by the calendar? When I un-select Draw Image Frame that space is just a blank space where an image would go.


the sizing, image frame, etc I dunno
for the font size, style, etc  after you run the calendar script check the Styles
of just F4


Thank you! I found char_style_date and changed that to a smaller number. That's great, it is a smaller font number and I change center to left justified. How can I pad that a little, so it's a bit further from the left boundary. And how do I make the number closer to the top of the box?


Under par_style_Date / Properties / Tabs and Indentation
I was able to indent to the right a little.
Still looking for how to move the number toward the top of the cell.


To move text to the top, you have to edit the .py file

line 429 looks like this
setTextVerticalAlignment(ALIGNV_CENTERED, cel)

edit it to this
setTextVerticalAlignment(ALIGNV_TOP, cel)


OK, and then it can actualy be done from the settings:

F4-->Par_style_Date-->Character Style-->Advanced Formatting Section-->Baseline offset