How to preserve character formatting when importing text from WP (LibreOffice)?

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Now obviously I'm not talking about things such as fonts and text sizes (except perhaps superscript/subscript), but rather basics like bolding and italics. I'm having a novel-length manuscript translated into Spanish using LibreOffice, and I'd like to be able to import the text with the emphasis markups. But, so far, any time I import LO text I get only the plain text and lose all emphasis (italicization, bolding). This is deucedly inconvenient because I don't speak Spanish and it's difficult for me to recognize where I've lost emphasis and need to put it back in. Plus, it's time-consuming.

It seems that there ought to be a way to do what I need done; I'm just missing it so far. Any help?

BTW, I'm using Scribus 1.5.8 on Ubuntu Studio 22.04LTS (AMD hardware).


I guess the issue is that LibreOffice uses "fake" bolding and italics. Scribus does not support that, to get bold text in Scribus you need a bold font variant.