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I have a really big problem, or scribus has, with snapping to horizontal guides.

if i try to snap something to
10 mm it snaps to 9.647 mm
3 mm 2.647 mm

so it's of by 0.353 mm, all the time.

snapping to vertical guides workes fine.

I'm using Scribus 1.4.0

hi lars

this 0.353 mm is 1/72 inch or 1 pica point – it looks as a setting to adjust the layout to a pica grid…
did you check the option: 'page' → 'snap to grid'?


no, snap to grid is off (, also, as I wrote, this only affects the horizontal guide.)
I have reported this as a bug

hi lars

could you upload a sample file? (here or on the bug tracker…)
the good thing with scribus is, that all this settings are stored in the sla file in a reeadable way.


yes Utnik, here it is.(attached) (edit: it can also be found in the bug report at:

Can you reproduce it by

setting a horizontal guide

draw a line

snap the line to the guide?

thanks for helping out.


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