Scribus on high resolution screens hard to use

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I found several discussions about the same problem I have too.
On a high resolution screen, i.e. 3840x2160 it is hard to work with scribus, because all icons and the menu text are much too tiny. One has to sit only a few inches in front of the screen, otherwise you would need binoculars or magnifying glasses. But ergonomically it is better to sit about 25-35 inches in front of a 32"-screen.

Obviously the problem concerning the icons is well known. And as far as I see, it will be resolved in future (hopefully soon...).

But what I want to emphasize is, that this problem is concerning not only the tiny icons, as mentioned in other threads here, but also the menu text! To read menu items, one has to bend far forward to read...

In other threads I read so far, they authors only claim the icons, but not text of menus etc.

Following attachment shows, how tiny it is...please keep in mind to check the image not only within your browser, but also in an image-app with zoom to 100% to make sure you see the same as me

I wonder why this problem is not discussed more prominent, I'm not an old man with bad eyes an sureley not the only one with a modern screen...

Or is there something wrong only with my settings?



You can change the size of the menus and palette fonts in the preferences.
from the main drop down menu, File/Preferences, User Interface tab, at the very bottom are the size adjustments for those to parameters.

Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.5
Advanced hobbyist


there might be solution by setting the gtk / qt settings.

but, as far as i can tell, the real fix should come with scribus 1.7 (at least for the icons...)


oh, thank you @AdmFubar in fact, so easy, that's embarrassing, obviously my eyes are not as good as I believe.