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Hi everyone, so... I've decided to give it a try to Footnotes (I'm using Scribus version 1.6.1), but I have some questions about it, which I couldn't find answers to on the Scribus Wiki:

1. In the Notes Style Editor, there's a "Range" option, and I can choose between 'document' or 'story'.  But What exactly do these options do?

2. I'm currently working on a long document, which I broke down into several chapters; Each chapter is self-contained, having its own set of linked frames. Is there any way to restart the counting of the footnotes for each chapter to avoid something like footnote number ³¹ from happening? 

3. Is there any way to import footnotes from a document (.odt, .docx, etc) into Scribus?

Sorry if it's too many questions at once, but I'm interested in understanding more about the footnote function in Scribus and hopefully get a sense of how I can use it. :)



nice to see somebody testing the notes BEFORE using them in production!

as you might have noted, they're still an experimental feature and not all features are there and not everything works as one would expect.

about your questions:

1. a "story" is a set of linked text frames. i guess there is no need to define a document : - )

2. i think that scribus should have a third option in the range: section. since this option will not be there for some time, as a workaround you could define a different "note style" for each chapter. (i've added a ticket:

3. the best way to import formatted text is to load the file into the text frame. i did not test, but i guess that you did. the best formats to import from being odt, html and probably idml. sadly, if the import from libreoffice does not recognize the footnotes, then i fear that there is not much you can do. (see if you want to feel a bit less alone)

currently, there is nobody who is working on the footnotes, so i fear that in the near future there is no progress to be expected.