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Hi all,

I think the biggest change to the IndigoUI concept is color selection and manipulation. The basic idea is to select the color, color gradient or pattern using the color selector and edit it live there as well. Thus, in addition to ready-made colors in a color palette, you can also mix and use custom colors.

The new color picker combines several existing functions in one dialog. Managing color palettes, mixing colors and display colors for color blindness.

In addition, there are different ways to mix a color:
- Color sliders (RGB, CMYK, Lab, HSV)
- Color map (Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green, Blue, Lightness, a, b) -> like Photoshop
- Color harmony (Complementary, Split Complementary, Triadic, Tetradic, Square, Analogous, Monochromatic)

Feedback is welcome.




Uihh, this is great! In which version will it be available?


Hi toyotadesigner

It's up to the Scribus developers whether they want the feature at all.
My plan is to first work on a concept, test it, optimize it and then you could think about what will actually be built into Scribus.
In the current IndigoUI mockups I specified Scribus 2.0. Let's see, maybe we'll see everything there.

By the way, the color picker is already programmed.  :D



Hi Martin, Scribus 2.0 might take a very long time to appear on the market. I am 67 by now...



I revised the color picker.

- Color button supports split color (same color with and without alpha channel)
- Color picker sections are now collapsible
- Color sliders are always visible, you can only toggle the color map and color harmony widget
- The gradient editor widget looks like the one in Inkscape



Looks fantastic! A small step for a developer, a large leap for the human race ;D


hi martin

nice to see you back and working on the UI.

personally, i've mostly put on hold my contributions to scribus but, well, there are still a few things i'm doing in the background.

and i can do a bit more, if can make a difference.

so, if you need some help, contributions or coffee, please leave me a notice and i will see what i can do for you : - )

i've tried to to (compile and) install your prototype and get a better feeling of it, but i get a few errors.
i guess that they are related to the qt version and / or the fact that i'm trying to compile it without qt creator.

have a wonderful day

ps.: these are the errors i found up to now:

- there is a wrong string '\' in dirpaths_manager (which you probably should not need...)
- block_alignment needs a qOverload in the connect
- it's not possible to (directly) convert a free enum class to a QVariant: you need to put the enum in a (Q)namespace or a class extending QObject... or static_cast the enum class to int before passing it to QVariant.

i stopped for now, but if you're interested in a patch, i can continue my inquiry...


Hi a.l.e

Yes, I'm back. Currently, after I saw a lot of new UI improvements in other software like Blender, Inkscape or Gnome Desktop, I decided to continue working on Scribus' UI. This time with a different approach and as a separate project. To simulate some content, I used some Scribus code and modified it (like ScColor). Because of that, the UI is not compatible with Scribus directly, but that was not my intention. First, I want to have a result that works as is and later someone (or me) can think about how to marry Scribus with IndigoUI.  :D

Help is always welcome in the form of:
- feedback (the current result is based on my old concept, the form feedback here and state-of-the-art software like Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign)
- code contribution (also a good project/folder structure)
- icons (currently I'm using Material Design icons, because I'm too lazy to convert all Scribus PNGs to SVGs)

About your compiling issues, I can take a look into it.
Please, can you report all technical issues here?

I think it is better to keep the tech talk in the project directly.

I'm using Qt 6.2.3 with Qt Creator on Ubuntu 22.04. The code is never tests in other environments.



I was going to start a new thread on a color picker, but I saw this one exists, and this looks incredible! IMO it would be very useful as a dockable panel. I do think it isn't super clear how the colors get added to the document colors list (or is this done automatically when a color is applied to an object?)
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