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I'm new to Scribus and already frustrated.
The basics:
Creating a page with a text frame on top of an image frame. I removed the lines around the text frame but there is a persistent red line on the right and bottom of the image frame that I can't remove - despite searching and trying pretty much all of the options within Scribus and the forum.
This is not a line on the background image; I checked in photoshop.
So, what am I, the amateur, doing wrong, or what am I not doing right?
I am using Scribus to create a game book, including images and borders, tables and indexes etc... If there is a better, absolutely free, application for this, please feel free to redirect me.
Currently my other option has been clumsily using Word to produce the same effect.
Thank you for your time,


in which color would you like the line to be?

fun aside, it's hard to say, without seeing the .sla file, but the most likely cause is a display error that will not survive a restart of scribus and will not make its way into the pdf (did you try to produce a pdf and see if it contains the red line?)


Can you post up a sample file?
That seems odd.
It looks like the bleed mark for the page edge.
Did you try View>Document and toggle the Frames view on and off?


Does the line show in an exported PDF?