File naming huge amount of images in your book.

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Hi everyone,
I just want to share with you my error so that you can learn from my fails.

Two weeks ago i published my first book created with Scribus on
Said book contains over 1.100 chart images.

My images were called like this: chart-x.png (where the X stands for a number).
As i did not implemented the images in alphabetical order, i was unable to see if i missed any image.

The Scribus image manager showed the images like this:
  • chart-1.png
  • chart-10.png
  • chart-11.png
  • chart-12.png
  • chart-13.png
  • chart-14.png
  • chart-15.png
  • chart-16.png
  • chart-17.png
  • chart-18.png
  • chart-19.png
  • chart-20.png
  • chart-21.png
  • chart-22.png
  • chart-23.png
  • chart-24.png
  • chart-25.png
  • etc....

In other words: there was no real order of the images because i had no leading zeroes.

Insetead of naming your image files like chart-x.png you should name them chart-xxxx.png where the X would stand for the leading zeroes.

Your images folder would then look like this and show the images in a correct form inside the Scribus image manager:
  • chart-0001.png
  • chart-0002.png
  • chart-0003.png
  • chart-0004.png
  • chart-0005.png
  • chart-0006.png
  • chart-0007.png
  • chart-0008.png
  • chart-0009.png
  • chart-0010.png
  • chart-0011.png
  • chart-0012.png
  • chart-0013.png
  • chart-0014.png
  • chart-0015.png
  • chart-0016.png
  • chart-0017.png
  • chart-0018.png
  • chart-0019.png
  • chart-0020.png
  • chart-0021.png
  • chart-0022.png
  • chart-0023.png
  • chart-0024.png
  • chart-0025.png
  • etc....

A freeware tool that i have been using for years is called "Bulk renaming tool" but for some reason i was to dump to have the correct form of renaming the files.
Then XNVIEW came into my mind and it worked like a charm as you can rename those files as bulk.

This saved me hours of manually renaming the files.