Image Collection function.

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Hello everyone,
this is my first post in here. Though i have been playing around with Scribus every now and then i never published anything until two weeks ago. Before that, i made two family albums with

My Scribus project printed via is a book that contains more than 1.000 images.
While developing i had one big struggle with the many photos i used: i can not see the ones that are already used within the book.

So my sugestion for a feature that i would love to see with Scribus is something that i know from the workflow of Blurb: is there a way to have some kind of image-collection overview of an image collection?

What i mean:
It would be awesome if you could first load all of your photos "inside" the SLA.
Then you can drag and drop those photos onto your pages.
When you do so, on that collection screen Scribus shows you what photos you have already inside your project.

For my actual book i had to use the "export image paths" script to create a text file.
That text file i modified so that it would look like a JSON key:value object structure.
JSON then can show me wich keys (aka images) are duplicated.

Thanks a lot for your support and time!