Pagination Question for Exported PDFs

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Strange October

Hey all! I've been trying to setup my first PDF for release and I've run into a small issue that I can't seem to find the answer for. It may be I'm just missing something obvious...
So, in my book I have the sections set up so that the front cover is numbered "i" and then the inside pages numbered "1,2,3" and so on. While this is showing up fine in Scribus, that information isn't exporting with the document, so the front cover is considered to be page 1 in PDF readers like Foxit and the rest of the pages are always one page incorrect.
Is there a way to get page information to export with the pdf?


could it be an issue with the reader?
don't know if they relate the page with the documents page numbering?


If I recall correct PDF viewers can show two types of page numbers. The first one is just the order they come in the PDF, so it starts from 1 and ends with that number of pages.

The other one is page numbers as defined in the PDF. But I have no idea if Scribus supports this.