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so scribus seems to correctly display the text, according to the styles you have defined.

it's harder to know if there is a problem with the odt importer, since you're not providing any odt file you're using.

from a quick test i did, i would say that the importer is behaving okayish and you will probably like the result better, if you would tell the importer not to prefix the style names with the name of the text frame.

the only thing i think could be improved, is that the importer seems to create all the styles that are in use in the odt, instead of creating the styles that are actually used by the imported content.
but it does not create styles that are clearly useless (if i have never had a heading2 in the odt, i don't get a heading2 created in the scribus file, either).
it's really not that bad.

personally, i think you should try to create small test odt and .sla files and incrementally add features until you see what you call the bug...
then, you can create a new sample file, with only that part in and -- if the bug is still there -- post it here.
with screenshots of what you get and what you would expect...


OK, I will try to extract a test case like this.

Waiting for that, I begin to understand that Scribus has a general problem with styles when you edit an long book (may be due to the import process of LO, who knows?). From now, I used Scribus for short docs.

I note that Scribus may not apply the dedicated styles (as the text editor shows them) when you save the text in the editor. Some of the styles are not applied. Why? It is a mystery. My previous test case shows an evidence of this bad behavior.

I just finished the layout of my book and I have now to apply again the style all the paragraphs for being sure that their layout is good. It is a bad new, because it means that I have to finalize again the last 'by-hand' adjustments  :'(


Quote from: PK on January 24, 2024, 10:38:08 AMI just finished the layout of my book and I have now to apply again the style all the paragraphs for being sure that their layout is good. It is a bad new, because it means that I have to finalize again the last 'by-hand' adjustments  :'(

An other strange issue. I thought to transform all my dedicated style (for instance, style1) by using the Edit -> Select menu of the text editor. I can select a style, then I select the style1 style and I ask to transform in style1 (what I do by hands in fact).

Then Scribus transforms all the style in style1  :o 


I think the main issue is styles in imported text. If you define the styles and edit the text directly in Scribus I don't think there are any issues (because that would make Scribus almost unusable).


so, i finally created an odt and tried to do something similar as your doing.

much simpler, of course, since it's for checking a bug.

- i could import the .odt in a text frame.
- and in a second one, too.
- of course, since i was planning to import a set of document (in my case the same one) with the same styles applied, i did uncheck "prefix styles with item name".
- the number of styles is a bit too high, for the styles i've effectively used, but it's not that terrible.
- the drop caps i've defined in "First paragraph" was not recognized by scribus.
- i could easily add the drop caps, but when importing again the same .odt in the same .sla file the changes got overwritten by the style from the .odt (i guess this is a bug!)

so, what i suggest is to consider that there are three bugs:

- scribus should only create styles for the styles that are indeed used in the imported text
  0013766: ODT Importer creates extraneous styles
- scribus should recognize the drop caps (even if it does not support all the feature from libre office)
- scribus should not overwrite styles that already exist in the .sla when importing from .odt.

am i missing something?


indeed, you do it faster :)

I do it on my side and I have similar bugs, and one more!

I set up two styles for paragraphs, para-begin for drop cap and para_normal for indent. Careful, I have added small cap after the drop cap (because it should be like this, for an easy reading)

I add a character style named SMC for theses small caps.

I have the same results like you, plus the loss of the SMS character style. The small caps are presents, but without the associated style (which is well imported).

My final sla has been corrected by hands (for the drop cap), except for the SMS style.


the SMC thing seems to already be reported:

0014795: ODT import filter seems to map character styles into direct formatting


OK, I have confirmed this bug in the bug tracker.