Multiple copies of a same document, but with minor differences

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I have a main document of 20 pages. I need to make 25 copies of the same document with some changes to each. Precisely, I need to change some text and images to 8 of the 20 pages. Sometimes it is only a word, other times the entire page is rewritten.

I can easily copy the main document 25 times and make the modifications. But I am thinking is if I decide to do some modifications to the pages that are similar between the documents, I need to correct 25 documents.

Is there a way to use Scribus so the similar pages are taken from the main document, and the modified pages are taken from the individual documents?



Quote from: Nermander on January 15, 2024, 04:08:20 PMHave you considered using 25 different layers?
That is great! I could have all my similar objects on the Background layer, and the various objects for the 25 copies could be on diffrent layers. I think it could work.