Pdf editable change default font helvetica

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Hi everyone,

It's the first time I write in this forum and I don't know if I must present myself before ask a question. So sorry if it is.
I need some advice for editable pdf.

I try to change the font helvetica and size used by default in field text pdf by another.

I try to join images on example but the folder is too big.

I hope that my request is clear.

I search on scribus and manuals but I don't find the solution. And my mind is over.

So can you help me with this question ?

Thank you for your help :-)



Hi Mélissa

can you post a sample scribus and pdf file?

are you trying to format the pdf frame from scribus or the pdf options?


If I understand right the question is about the font used in PDF forms text fields. There has been older discussions about this and I think the answer is that the font used for this must be one of the "base" fonts. So you cannot use any font you like.

PDF form fields in a PDF are handled by the PDF viewer, so I think it is the PDF viewer that decides what font to use.