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Hello, I am working on a study guide document with body text and also lines for notes.

I have been creating the notes lines manually but repeating a line shape with college-ruled spaces.

Is there a way to create a polygon frame, similar to an image frame, where the repeating lines are only visible within the boundaries of that polygon?

This would save me a lot of time not needing to create, repeat, and adjust the line formatting specific to each page. Thank you!


yes, use "Tables",  you can add rows (and columns) as needed, It may not align to the exact spacing you need but it will be a lot easier to do. Select the table icon and draw the table the size you need,  when you release the mouse button, scribus will open a dialog where you can specify the number of rows and columns. You can edit the table after its creation to adjust the layout as needed.
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not sure i got what you want to do.

but if i got it right, the answer is probably: no, you can't do that.

but you might fake it:


what do you see above?

- there are one frame and two rectangles that are grouped together
- the rectangles are on top of the text, have the same width as the text frame, no borders and a white background.
- with alt-click you can select an item inside of a group.
- with alt-up arrow you can move up the top border of an item.
- with alt-shift-up arrow you can move down the top border of an item
- with alt-down arrow you can move down the bottom border of an item
- with alt-shift-down arrow you can move up the bottom border of an item

here how it looks if make the rectangles borders black and their background transparent.


and if you followed everything that far, you might have understood that it's more of an intellectual exercise than something that one wants to do.

you might want to better explain what you want to achieve (with an example in a .sla and / or a .pdf) and there might be better solutions...


I would look at using underline tab fill and place a tab just at the right side of the paragraph. You can use a specific paragraph style for it.

Then you just add some paragraphs with just a tab character to get lines for making notes, and they will flow with the text.


p.s.: if you "item > path items > combine polygons" the two rectangles before grouping them, you can even do it fancier...


(please mind the bug...)


I think you are after something like this.
The first image is the table with the borders on, and the second is with the table border set to none.

30 rows in the table gets close to college ruled. you can add or delete rows to the table  as needed.
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