Error message [PCXLib]: Required value not found

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If I make a PDF with Scribus (version 1.6.1) then I get an error massage in PDF-XChange Editor: Cannot open document, Error [PCXLib]: Required value not found.

In Adobe Acrobat I also cannot open the PDF file, file damaged.

The strange thing is that sometimes I can read the PDF, but most of the time not. This is very irritating.

Has someone an idea where I have to look for a solution? Could there be a problem with the installation of Scribus?
I am using Scribus 1.6.1. on a Windows 11 laptop.


What version of PDF are you exporting to? If I recall correct some of the PDF-X versions require you to set some strings in the properties.

Can you post a sample PDF that does not work? May not need to have any contents if you can replicate it with an empty document.


Thanks for looking into my problem.

I am mostly using PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5). With the attached document this is going wrong. If I use PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6) then it works fine.

But then, when I keep testing maken the PDF again, suddenly it works the other way around. PDF 1.4 is OK and PDF 1.5 not. Strange isn't? Very irritating this.

I normally use Sribus for the production of a monthly newsletter of about 8 to 12 pages. Plain stuff with text and images. And always an import of one eps file.

I cannot select one of the 3 PDF/X options, they are greyed out. Why, I don't know.

I attach a document (and image) that I used for testing.


I got the PDF/X-3 option to light up when I turned on the color management.
I don't usually use that.


ah, thanks, it's clear why the PDF/X options where greyed-out. If I select color management they turn up normal indeed.
I think I don't need color management, the produced pdf is going to a sort of copy-shop and they print it, no offset printing. Also no icc files involved.