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Hey! I find myself lost in the setup of a book. I keep finding that to set something up I should have set something else earlier.

Is there a recommended order in which to set up the various settings of a book? (see signature for my specs)


sorry, I don't see the specs
Scribus is fairly flexible, what are you having trouble with?


I would probably start with:
- Page size
- Margins and guides
- Paragraph styles
- Character styles
- Maybe colors (I rarely use different colors though)

Then if I want some objects I want to repeat on many pages I would probably set them up and send to the scrapbook.

Master pages can most likely be set up or adjusted later, since they are just backgrounds.

I would also plan for, but not yet create, cover pages and things like that, so I know at what page the first "body" page will be.


thank you!!