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Dear All,
I have seen that there are already postings regarding footnotes, but these are old and mostly addressing different issues. I noticed, that the footnotes sometimes work and sometimes not. I am using Scribus 1.5.8. Sometimes the second or third footnote is not visible when it get inserted, therefore it is not possible to write the footnote. It is necessary so resize the textframe to get the footnote visible. this however disturbs then the layout of the pages. The footnotes should be connected automatically to the textframe and update also automatically. When I change the dimension of the textframe I disturb the automatic update of this textframe. Is there any workaround in order to get footnotes working ? A second question, per default the footnotes are in short distance to the textframe and are not separated by a horizontal line. Is there any possibility to configure this ?
Thank you very much for any tip,
kindest regards


Just an update. Now I tried to insert on another page  a second footnote, it is simply impossible. I tried the trick I used before to move the text frame, it is simply impossible to insert a second footnote.


footnotes are still an experimental feature in scribus...

use at your own risk.


I use Scribus to format books
Scribus is great but I need footnotes
For that, I installed version 1.6.0
I doubleclick on text, go to Insert/Mark, but Foot/End Note is greyed!...
What am I doing wrong?


it's an experimental feature.

you need to enable it in "file > preferences > experimental features"...

and, as i've written in another thread yesterday: make sure that they work for your use case before using them in a bigger project!