Documents with Embedded Video

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HI, I am Anthony, a new user and I want to create a letter sized document with text and two embedded videos. One at the top of the page created from my camera and one near the bottom of the page pulled from an existing YouTube video. I'll also want to make it a template so I can edit the text for each individual customer and have the ability to change the video at the top of the page on each new document. The video on the bottom would stay the same. I want to be able to email the document but if the embedded video makes it too large, I would share it through Google Drive and share it across multiple platforms, (i.e. PC, Apple, Android and smartphones). This document is an instruction page with me explaining some of the items through the two videos. Can this be done with Scribus?


I haven't tried it but I think the closest you'll get is a gif and I'm not even sure that will work.


pdfs do support mp4 files, but i'm not sure that those can be added with scribus.

it might be possible to do something through OSG (Open Scene Graph), but it's not activated on my copy of scribus.