Acrobat crashes when clicking on form field in PDF generated by Scribus

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Scribus newbie, so possible I'm doing something fundamentally wrong.

Created a new page with one text box and one PDF form field. Exported as PDF. Acrobat reader displays it fine but crashes with uncaught exception the moment I click on the editable form field. Firefox and Edge have no problem editing or saving the form.

Same behaviour with a PDF checkbox.

I tried with multiple PDF format versions (1.4,5,6, X-* etc.). Same results.

Is there some step I am missing ? (I read the tutorial on the wiki and followed all the steps there)

Windows 10
Scribus 1.4.8 and 1.6.0 (both fail same way)
Acrobat Reader 2023.008.20458


I am beginning to believe this is an Acrobat Reader bug. For one, Firefox and Edge have no problem as I said. Second, if I wait for a few seconds after Reader starts (until the 7-day free trial ad for Acrobat pops up at the bottom left), then there is no issue. All seems to work fine.