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Hi,(and good 2024!)
I've played around with Scribus for some times (as you have seen)
Now, I would like to create a "brand new" model (or master I don't know) that will contain all the things I've learned this times, to have a model (or master...) that I can use to produces the dayli newspaper.
Can someone drive me where can I look for learning this?

Thank you



Master page?


...yes...I don't know what! ::)

I need to made a model of journal to implement every day with new text! what I need?


My best tips:

Start by creating a Scribus document. Set up all the different styles you want to use.

Create the types of pages you need, place text frames, image frames etc (they may be empty). Don't care about the number of pages, this is just a matter of creating all different styles of pages. Use Layers as necessary (for example for placing items that are not to be edited, or placing image frames and text frames on different layers).

Then for any page that is not always used, select all objects on the page and send to the Scrapbook. Then delete that page (now you can replicate it by creating an empty page and just double-clicking the scrapbook item).

I have to confess I am not 100% sure if Master page assignment ends up in the scrapbook, maybe you also need to create a number of Master pages. But remember that Master pages are just page backgrounds.


what do you need?

- column guides
- horizontal guides for the top titles or snap to items enabled
- a set of paragraph and character styles
- some standard set of frames in the scrapbook

you probably don't need master pages and templates.

i know it's not really the best way to do it, but most people tend to just duplicate an old (the latest) layout to start a new one.

once everything is settled you can always remove the all the content from one of the documents and save it as a template.