can I insert on a column 3 (or 5 or...) text frame?

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my layout grows. I divided the page into "n" columns. Now, I would like to divide each column into 3,4 or 5 spaces that can contain images or text (using the appropriate tools, of course). But can I do this by setting the exact size and not dragging the mouse until the lines match? this might help me make more precise spaces.

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Well the answer is yes and no. While there might be a need for what you are trying to do, it seems overly complex. (more explanation of what you are trying to do would be helpful).
You can just simply add an image on top of the text and have the text flow around the image.. If the image frame is going to be the same size throughout the document. you just need to create it once and then copy it as needed.

Precision can be tweaked in the object properties panel, to get the exact size you want/need.
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ciao renato

would you mind publishing a (hand drwan) sketch of what you want to achieve and if you have a sample .sla also that file?



I would say the best solution is to use several separate frames. And the position and size of a frame can be set by exact numbers in the properties. I usually prefer to snap to guides instead though.

Also in cases like this, aligning the text to the baseline grid is very useful.