how can I set up "n" column on first page

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Hi all, and thank you for your quick answer to my first question.
I've another question: how can divide a page in "n" (suppose 3) column where I can insert text or image.
i.e. when you see a page of newspaper, you can see that it is divided in more column (where text stop at the end of column and so on)
Can I set up a page (just one, not "each page" in this way?


In Scribus all text needs to be in a text frame. To achieve what you want there are two options:

One text frame set to 3 columns.

Use guides to place 3 text frames. Or place several text frames and images in 3 columns on the page.

I personally think the second option is more useful, because then you can easily move the frames around on the page.


thank you Nermander, but I don't see the guide line, the background of page are white, without guide, how can I show them?
is there a way to create exact frame (i.e. if I have a page 300 mm wide, I need to set three frame of 100 mm each one how can I do this?

thank you



have a check on
View>Girds and Guides
you can toggle them on and off from there or maybe setup a shortcut key for them


if you want columns, you might want to experiment with the "Column/Row" tab in the "Page > Guide Manager". (A note: you probably want to use "Refer to: Margins")