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I added an image within a Scribus document, that image file was placed out of my usual way of managing and ordering my base project folder.

I was wondering if there was a way to find that image path from within Scribus, something like:
- right click on the image frame
- select "proprieties"
- and read image file path somewhere

How to show the path of an image file from within Scribus?
Thanks in advance  ;)


extra > manage images ...

if only scribus' feature were not so well hidden : - )


I could not find "extra"... my user interface is localized in Italian... It's translated as "utilità" and "gestione immagini".

Not so intuitive, anyway it's first time I need that info about an image added to a scribus document, and I use this software for years.

Thanks for your reply!


here's a screen grab
usually the positions of the items don't change