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I just tried to make a post in beginner topic and it wouldn't let me. Wouldn't respond to 'another image' and kept telling me I had it wrong.  Though I didn't.
Try again. here's the post I tried to make:
I just got it.
First off it just looked like MS draw or something.
then I tried pasting in some text. didn't work.
then i opened a text box and tried again. didn't work
then i 'inserted' and a whole file came in.
so then i tried to embolden a heading. 
didn't work.
then i googled and found that won't work.  got to select a different font.
now's a good time, I think, for me to get a 'heads up'
what do I want this for?
which software is it an immediate improvement on?  which thing has it 'done better than they do'?
or if you like: which costly software does it do the same as but free?
or which need does it address that currently isn't met?

not arguing with it, you understand? not trying to put it down at all.  just simply trying to get it straight what i'm into here.  so's i don't ask what it perhaps can't deliver and perhaps was never meant to deliver.

Must admit I do very little 'desktop publishing'  mainly I do it when I have to send formatted submissions to my online school.  I find Word and Libre Office often quite bloody annoying there. Improvement on that would be good.

The other 'need' I have is for a handy popup thing to help me take notes in a format that is very useful.  I will try to explain a bit:

What i do is take many notes at each computer session. I copy links and copy text.  I want them in a document that i can open with click and quickly (unlike, you see, word and writer) and that keeps the info as neatly and clearly as possible.

notepad (we're on windows here) is good for the 'popup' aspect.  But it has some failings - forget what - that make it not good enough for me. so I use PSpad.  That's better. 

Nearly good enough. Can write code in it as easily as take notes. Can have clickable links.

BUT one thing:  I cannot embolden and I can't change colour.  that means I can't make distinctions.

This thing here looks/looked like it might address that for me.

But after this short test I'm thinking perhaps I am wrong, have the wrong idea, it is not fit for that job.

What say you?


try some of the tutorials and use the latest version 1.5.8 or later


can't say I follow your post...
for quick notes I use Zim wiki

It says it has a Windows version but I'm not sure if it works, I use fedora and just install it from the repo. If you can use flatpaks on Windows there is also a flatpak version

for Scibus form replies, try using the "REPLY" button and not the QUICK REPLY it has more features and you can attach pictures to the post


It does not sound like you're doing desktop publishing. Scribus can and will continue to improve but the things you are saying are not related to Scribus but the choice of tool. Other DTP apps won't be any different really.

This forum and in particular are your avenues for requesting changes and submitting bugs or feature requests.


hi abrogard

mrb is right: you probably don't need scribus for your submissions to your online school (except if you're doing arts school...)
you should look for a better office suite, not a DTP tool (of course, if you already know DTP you can replace writer with scribus and, for some parts of the job, get a better result... but it's like using excel for vector drawing: you can do that, don't have to : -)

but, personally, i consider the first part of your post (before you start taking about your notes taking) very interesting and shows a few things that are missing in the scribus documentation.
does anybody around here want to collaborate on a document that could have helped abrogard to get started with scribus (or understand that scribus is not the right tool for the specific task)?


I had a few ideas...

Here is a collaborative pad:

Read it, comment it in here, or create a hedgedoc account and help writing this document.

I've also created a git repository to store a copy of the live document (in case it gets deleted...):


Agreed Ale.. I would like to see the docs rewritten. We need a platform to do that collaboratively. I have also looked into which is free/OSS too.


i did not know about cryptopad: nice platform!

personally, at first sight, i tend to prefer hedgedoc, but hedgedoc does not seem to offer a stable platform to use any more.
(yesterday's document has already been deleted... to be honest, the warned that it could happen.)

i have now recreated yesterday's document here:

it's a markdown file and if somebody wants to help with the editing, just create an account on cryptpad and ask for write access!

in the long term, i would suggest that we create one (or several) repositories in the gitlab account dedicated to scribus.

some time later...

i have now created some more content in the cryptopad and i've noticed an issue: the images are not added with a "normal" markdown link.
as it is, we cannot really export the document to markdown for further processing.
i hope i can find a solution (otherwise we will need to look for a different platform).

some more time later...

we can add an additional argument file="image.png"... we will then have to figure out how to add the "proprietary" tags back, when coming back to cryptopad...
this can get cumbersome, if the document is rather long (and has maybe been created outside of cryptopad)

now, i backup the file to gitlab and do some other tasks.


so, during the last few days i've played around with cryptpad, github, markdown and pandoc.

and while doing also rote some content for the "evaluating scribus" document.

here are my suggestions:

about the editing

- the home of the document is on github: <
  in the long term, we can move it to <>
- as long / as soon as people who are not comfortable with github want to edit the document, we'll keep a copy of it on cryptpad:
- i've written a document, with information for those who want to participate: .
  please, read it and help to make it better!

about the technology

the main idea is to create the document in markdown and then convert it with pandoc:

- to an epub that people can download (here is an example of the current early draft)
- to html that we can publish on a website
- to html that we can put in the scribus internal help

what is needed
we need people who:

- help writing the "The Scribus basics" chapter.
- proofread the content.
- provide picture of (good) typical content create with scribus
- who improve the quality of the text.
- (later) people who translate the document in other languages.
- check that the file contains all the information needed.

future plans

as craig wrote, we need to recreate the scribus help and manuals.

i hope that the work i did, while preparing the setup for this document, can help to get there.

personally, i would suggest to:

- create small topic related documents that are easy to create, update and translate.
- make it as easy as possible for people to contribute (personally, my preferred workflow would be to use gitlab with its web based IDE: we just need to describe in details the whole process; or, of course, just plain git with the editor of your choice on your computer...).
- as soon the "evaluating scribus" document is (almost) ready, i would suggest to start by translating into english and updating "initiation à scribus" by cédric gémy. 
  i already started the translation a few years ago and i will provide my document as a starting point (i've converted to markdown and translated about 50 pages of 100).



I can translate the document(later) into Spanish.