Spell Checking

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I'm doing a final check of a Scribus document.

Usually I use spell check within my text editor, load texts from scribus, and finally I just read generated PDF looking for any misspelling or similar errors.

Now I was wondering if there was a better/more efficient way to do a final check.
For instance would be useful to enable spell check in the PDF viewer. But I don't know any viewer with spellchecking feature.

I tried also spell check within Scribus (1.5.9 SVN), but it's not so comfortable because it works (or should work) just on text frame basis. Anyway if I try to select a text frame and choose "Extra > Spell Check" or press Shift+F7, nothing happens.

So I'm there to ask two questions:

1. Have you any generic suggests for a final check of a multi-pages document?

2. Why spell checking doesn't appear on my Scribus interface? Any ideas?
(I'm on a Linux OS, Slackware-15.0)

Thanks a lot in advance!  :D