Add Danish and German æ, ø, å and ä, ö

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I am running Scribus 1.4.5 +    trying to do "mail merge" / data merge.

When using danish / german words containing "special symbols" the script won´t run.

Is there a way that these special symbols can be added so the script can run?

Thank you very much :)


hi kirstine

i think the first thing to try is to get the newest scribus generator for scribus 1.5.8 (and of course get scribus 1.5.8).

just take care that files saved with 1.5.8 cannot be opened with scribus 1.4.5, so work on copies of your .sla files.

if the problem persists, you can fill a ticket in the scribus generator's project page:

if the script for 1.5.8 does work, i guess it's time to use a modern version of scribus...


Thanks alot! I will try this once I have all my data sorted out  :'(

I will gladly return with the outcome of having updated to Scribus / Generator 1.5.8.

Thanks again! :)


I just remembered, I tried with the newest version first. However, the script wouldn´t run at all. That´s why I went back to the older version. Weird. Anyways, I will try again :)


with the new version of scribus, you need the new version of the script... : - )

there are some remarks about it in the generator's page.


Hi again
So, I got the new Scribus + Generator versions. And ( of course ) it works! But not with the æ, ø and å..... So, I shall try and submit a ticket. Thank you very much :)