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I like scribus it has served us well generating a series of PDFs from a csv file ver 1.5.8 windows 10 platform

in the past it worked well generating 365 pdf files for our daily outputs for 1 year.

Now when we revised the template ~ 5M of data per PDF occationally it runs well and makes all 365 files takes about 15 minutes but when we wanted to start genreating these files on a yearly basis the program crashes at about 13 or 14 files for all of our sla files which used to run ok in an early mode.

tried a lot of amateur fixes nothing has fixed the problem so far so I have to come to the gurus.



does it still work with the original template? If so then the issue is in the new template. Might be useful to post links toboth templates in the forum. we might be able to see what is going wrong.
Using Scribus 1.6.1, openSUSE 15.6
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Dear AdmFubar
Thanks for getting back to me.

We started out with a template a long time ago but have only been upgrading the sla files and not the template.

in order to test our changes to the sla upgrades I just run 4 or 5 days at a time because to run the whole year takes 15 minutes so with the short runs we never encountered an of the long run crash problems.

I am a very newbee re scibus but am basically sefl taught.

My email is obergeau@gmail.com com

I can send you the files.  I'll try to send you a typical sla file and csv file but you will need the other image files .  I"ll try to do this using this dialogue box I noticed the icons above this text box



code is attached in text file 2000WindBasic

Plus the image files that are inputted when sla is run



Looks' like I inadvertently started 2 user actions


all the relevant data is attached to both user actions