Problems booting scribus 1.4.8 and/or 1.5.8 on mac OSX 10.14.6

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I'm from Austria, so pls. excuse my English.

I installed Scribus 1.4.8 on a mini some time ago, used it a bit, but not much. I switched to a Mac mini intel 3,2GHz i7 using the  OS migration tool, all programs worked fine. But for Scribus. When I start Scribus now, it takes over ten minutes to boot and does not respond to inpute.
I thought, OK, I should be able to run Scribus 1.5.8, but OS refuses to boot it, saying I should be 10.15, not 10.14
Deleted the folder, downloaded 1.4.8 from the website, reinstalled it - same effect.

When it boots up, it seems normal speed until it comes to "loading color profiles". I have no color profiles installd, to my knowledge

Does anybody know what went wrong and help me pls?