How to align multiple text frames to the bottom page margin?

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On the Scribus page are 6 linked text frames.

How would you align the text to the bottom of the page margin?

See the screenshot below.

Many thanks!



I've done the alignment with the bottom page margin by manualy fine tuning Text Properties :: Fixed Linespacing from 8.51 to 10.2 pt. Font is 8 pt, so that adjustment of line spacing is not (so) visible.

My question is how to do the same but automatically !?


As far as I know Scribus cannot "fit content to frame height" for a text frame. Potentially you could write a script that tries to do it.


Not sure if this will do what you are looking for. While not automatic, you can align the text frame using the align and distribute window, you can use the margins option in the Relative To: field.
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so, late in the evening, here my two cents.

normally, in this type of layout you should keep the same line height and produce a nice alignment across the columns.
this means that the SVGs and the separation lines should have an height that is a multiple of the text line height.

and now, how you can have a nice alignment at the bottom?
the usual way to do it is to play with "scaling the width of the characters", the "manual tracking" and with the hyphenation (you find those settings in the text properties' advanced settings).
just a little bit, don't go too far.

and no, as far as i know, there is no (easy) way to do this automatically.
multipass layout engines (like latex) can achieve pretty good results on a full page, but on such small columns, i doubt that it will be easy to create an automatic tool for it.

btw, it would probably be a bit easier to bottom align the column if you would be using a left alignment for the text in the columns. in my eyes you currently have an hyphenation that is a bit too "aggressive" and it's not giving a very nice result (well, you have six columns there...)

p.s.: i see now that in the other thread you have full pages columns: in such a case you should be able to use the process described above and achieve a pretty good result. and it might be an interesting challenge to write a python script that mimic how latex does the levellng : - )


I found a script:

And I worked on it. See the screenshots for the result and what I have as a start page.

The script and all the other necessary files are in the zip.

Starting Scribus page:


Scribus page with script-adjusted text Fixed Linespacing: